SUPPORT LOCAL ART: The main focus of the Mad Hatter Gallery is to promote local artists by providing an outlet for them to print, share and sell their work. To learn more, Click Here or click the button to donate.


MAD HATTER GALLERY is an online art gallery created to promote local artists by giving them a place on the internet to showcase their artwork. Artists can display and sell their work on this site in the hopes to make money but more importantly to gain exposure for themselves and their creativity. Technology has become such a large part of our world. By displaying art online, artists can reach many more art enthusiasts than simply by having to put on time consuming and sometimes costly art shows.

Mad Hatter Gallery is based out of Baltimore, MD. We have a great appreciation for our "Charm City" and focus on promoting local artists. However, being great art enthusiasts ourselves, we are open to all artists everywhere.



We at Mad Hatter Gallery believe that one significant way to aid artists is to make printing their work more affordable. Printing is quite expensive, especially for emerging artists. High printing costs require artists to set high pricing for their work. There are many art lovers that can truely appreciate art and look for new pieces to decorate their homes but are not able to because the art they come across is priced out of their budget.

Currently Mad Hatter Gallery outsources their print jobs to other companies but are looking to raise money to provide printing services that are done in-house and offered at cost. This would provide a substantial discount for artists whom could then lower the prices for their printwork and in turn generate income for themselves to continue creating works of art while making art more affordable to art fans and collectors everywhere.

All donations will go towards creating and sustaining a top quality, non-profit printing source for artists. We accept all types of donations from money to materials to office space. For monetary donations, please click the button below. For all other donation types, please send us a message using the form on the contact page.

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